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Langar (2012)
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Release Date : 19 Oct 2012
Genre : Drama
Starcast : Manava Naik, Namrata Gaikwad, Kishori Shahane, Pankaj Vishnu, Ravi Kale, Vinay Apte, Milind Shinde
Description : Time has changed and reforms are welcomed. But, still customary practices with blind faith, are followed in some villages in our country. Produced by Niharika Sunil Phadtare and directed by Sandeep Manohar Navare, new Marathi film 'Langar' throws light on injustice to children from a particular community in a village, where parents offer their children to God, just to keep their vows to God. One such girl Malan who is studying in school, is offered by her father (Vinay Apte) to the service of God, much against the wish of her mother (Kishori Shahane Vij), after she attains puberty. Malan is taken away by her maternal uncle Jagan (Ravi Kale), who is himself deserted by his parents to the service of God. Deeply hurt, Malan soon forgets her family and joins the group of her uncle, aunty and others, to perform at religious functions with their folk performances entertaining the families. Men in this group are called Vaghya and women folks are called Murali. So, when Malan grows up, she is identified as 'Murali' and has no right to marry, as she is offered to the God in marriage.
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