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Bin Kamacha Navra (1984)
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Release Date : 1984
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Starcast : Ashok Saraf, Madhu Kambikar, Ravi Patwardhan, Kuldip Pawar
Description : Ashok Saraf and Kuldeep Pawar are the 2 unemployed, lazy guys who work for a local politician Nilu Phule. Saraf and Pawar don't like to work and make the living by robbing people with their tricks. They along with Phule plan to make it big during local municipal elections and trap some rich morons to fight elections. Their wives and other women in the village have different plans in mind to curb the corruption spread by these guys. It all ends on a happy note... The environment of the movie is the typical Maharashtrian rural setup. The dialogs in the rural Marathi dialect are quite entertaining. The movie with well compiled comedy scenes is a real entertainer. All have performed well. Especially Ranjana steals the show with her typical rural, strict housewife of Ashok Saraf.
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