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Vantage Point (2008)
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Release Date : 2 March 2008 (India)
Genre : Drama | Thriller
Starcast : Dennis Quaid ... Thomas Barnes Matthew Fox ... Kent Taylor Forest Whitaker ... Howard Lewis
Description : President Ashton (William Hurt) is attending a global war on terror summit in Spain. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are two of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. This is the first action that Agent Barnes has be
Duration : 104 Mins
Size : 127 Mb
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Vantage_Point-2007_HINDIVcD.RiP_1_2_.avi (4914 Hits) Vantage_Point-2007_HINDIVcD.RiP_2_2_.avi (3854 Hits) Vantage--Point-----2007--HINDIVcD.RiP(1_2).jpg (1250 Hits) Vantage--Point-----2007--HINDI--VcD.RiP(2_2).jpg (870 Hits)
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Vantage_Point-2007_HINDIVcD.RiP_1_2_.3gp (2872 Hits) Vantage_Point-2007_HINDIVcD.RiP_2_2_.3gp (2369 Hits)
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