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Heyy Babyy
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Release Date : August 24, 2007
Genre : Comedy
Starcast : Ritesh Deshmukh,Akshay Kumar,Vidya Balan,Fardeen Khan
Description : Three handsome Sydney bachelors Aroush,Tanmay and Al - are having the time of their lives in Sydney. They flirt around, and have numerous conquests to their credit. They suddenly find their dating and mating rituals destroyed when a dimpled little roommate lands up on their doorstep. When it comes to babies, they're total zeroes and this bundle of joy is anything but joyous. But then Angel works her charm and before long, the three lecherous bachelors have been transformed into loving, caring fathers.
Duration : 2hrs 21min
Size : 224 mb
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Heyy.Babyy.2007-1.avi (16677 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-2.avi (10526 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-3.avi (9638 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-4.avi (5250 Hits) Hey-Baby.jpg (2241 Hits)
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Heyy.Babyy.2007-1.3gp (7561 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-2.3gp (5416 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-3.3gp (5193 Hits) Heyy.Babyy.2007-4.3gp (5276 Hits)
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