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Chup Chup Ke (2006)
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Release Date : 9 June 2006 (India)
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance
Starcast : Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor
Description : A young man named Jeet finds himself in debt when his father receives harassing calls from money-lenders. Although his father is scolding his daily for his non-progress in their debts, his mother and his fiancée Pooja believe he can successfully fulfill his task and live happily. But with the burden of being high in debt, Jeet finds that suicide is the only way out of his situation( insurance money for the family). Unfortunately for him, taking a plunge off a dock into a monstrous ocean doesn't kill him. He wakes up in a boat with two very interesting characters, Gundya and his servant Bundya. In the costs of putting Jeet in a hospital and saving his life from the noose of death, Gundya and Bundya believe Jeet owe them a debt. In his defense, Jeet decides to play off that he is deaf and mute. He then finds himself in mortgage to a wealthy man, Prabhat Singh in return for Gundya's boats and thus ends up as a servant boy at a mansion in kolkata
Duration : 164 min
Size :
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