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Release Date : 4 July 2003 (India)
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Starcast : Tabu | Shahbaaz Khan | Mukesh Tiwari | Imran Khan
Description : Sanjana lives in a big city along with her husband and two daughters. But things are not quite rosy as the couple faces a disastrous situation in there life which leads to divorce. Sanjana along with her brother, Vicky, her two daughters and a dog relocates to a lonely house in a forest. While residing there Sanjana begins to see some odd situations taking place especially when her house is struck by lightening, her dog attacked her and she and her daughters is mysteriously raped. This is too much to take for Sanjana and she decides to contact a sage who is specialized in black magic he worked a spell and Sanjana was able to gather information that several hundred years ago elders in a tribe thought the best punishment of wrong-doers was death - by pushing them down a deep ravine to fall and die and that the sum-total of the wretched souls have combined into one giant unseen and unfelt entity and this leads to a tense finale to Hawa.
Duration : 2 hr 08 min
Size : 201 mb
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