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Dil Dosti Etc
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Release Date : September 28, 2007
Genre : Social / Romance
Starcast : Shreyas Talpade,Nikita Anand
Description : When you are young, you believe, the possibilities are endless... What does an eighteen year old guy in college really want? Dil Dosti Etc is a fresh and unabashed look at how young men of today think and choose to live their lives. Dil Dosti Etc is set around students in Delhi University. Through two university hostellers, Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich, cosmopolitan guy and, Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), an old-fashioned Bihari guy, the film juxtaposes the 'new/ liberal' and the 'old/ conservative' in our society.
Duration : 1 hr 40 min
Size : 162 mb
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