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Natobar Not Out (2010)
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Release Date :
Genre : Comedy
Starcast :
Description : Natobor Not Out makes an honest attempt to address this vacuum. It has a genuine old world milieu, set in contrast with the materialistic contemporary society. It has a protagonist (Mustafa Prakash from Bangladesh as Natobar) who is a failed poet – a clearly out-of-fashion vocation in Bangla cinema these days (Yes, one remembers Ritwik’s character from Cross Connection as the other worthwhile instance). The only person impressed with him is his love interest – the next-door neighbour Mishtu (Raima Sen). His literary struggle at midnight irks his father (Ramaprasad Banik) who runs a small workshop at his residence and wants his son to give up all this crap and join him. Natobor almost gives up after a spat with his father …….and then the magic happens one night. He gets a blessing from his idol Rabindranath Tagore on his birth anniversary that will transform his poetic prowess overnight. But it has a rider – the effect will last only till 22 Shraban, his death anniversary. Natobor becomes a poet overnight, as noticed by everybody who had discarded his work in the past. But he hits a deadlock again as nobody is interested to publish an unknown poet’s work into a book. The only one publisher (Biplab Chatterjee) who agreed, offered him to let his work come out in a known poet’s name, as only that makes some business sense. He decines and breaks down. Then one day he is sent to an ad agency by his wellwisher Bappa da (Saswata Chatterjee), And he strikes gold right there by coming up with one jingle after another at the interview table and lands a junior copywriter’s job. Life takes a 180o turn thereafter. The innocent Natobar is drawn to the vortex of high life. Friends notice a changed Natobar, who does occasional ‘favour’ to the ‘para’ function by single-handedly organising sponsorship thanks to his agency contacts. Mishtu is hurt and spots the sudden change in their own world too, with the shrinking together time (now spent at plush cafes) and Natobar paying more-than-necessary attention to the agency hottie Ujala (Debutante Ananya Dutta). He also runs up huge debt on his credit card and avoids reminder calls to pay up. Can he come back in life?
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