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Bolona Tumi Amar
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Release Date : 2009
Genre : Drama
Starcast : Dev(Abhishek),Koel(Madhurima),Tota Roychowdhury(Police inspector)Director:Sujit Mondal(Saat pake bandha fame)
Description : Abhishek(Dev),a pizza-delivery boy accidentally bumps into Madhurima(Koel),a meritorious medical student in North Bengal and and from that point, they are at loggerheads.Madhurima’s father decides to marry her off with a cop, Soumyadeep Sen(Tota),but Madhurima was reluctant. Abhishek helps Madhurima and tells Soumyadeep that he loves her. Soumyadeep does call off marriage but,adding to trouble bought a flat for Abhi-Madhurima,get them married off and force them to stay in that flat together.Now,you know what to expect.After initial fighting, Abhishek and Madhurima fall for each other but can only express that at the end after some unnecessary fighting and crying.
Duration : 2 hr 35 min
Size : 240 mb
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