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The Lion King 2
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Release Date : 27 October 1998 (USA)
Genre : Animation | Adventure | Family | Musical | Romance
Starcast : Matthew Broderick ... Simba (voice) Moira Kelly ... Nala (voice)
Description : Simba and Nala have a daughter, Kiara. Timon and Pumbaa are assigned to be her babysitters, but she easily escapes their care and ventures into the forbidden lands. There she meets a lion cub named Kovu and they become friends. What she and her parents do not know is that Kovu is the son of Zira - a banished follower of the now-dead Scar. She plans to raise Kovu to overthrow Simba and become the king of the Pride Lands. This tests not only Kiara and Kovu's relationship as they mature, but Simba's relationship with his daughter. Written by Rori Stevens Simba has a daughter and he's teaching her the ways of a true king. Timon and Pumbaa are sent to watch over Kiara. But when she meets another young lion, she gets into trouble because she isn't allowed to talk to his people. The other lion is from a rejected family of lions. Rejected lions banned from the pride-lands, Scar's people, give Simba and Kiara another wild adventure.
Duration : 1 hr 21 min
Size : 114 mb
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