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Ice Age 3
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Release Date : -
Genre : Animated
Starcast : -
Description : It's another leg from the series of Ice Age movies but in this movie the Ice Age is about to end and our favorite prehistoric furry buddies get to meet with the some scaly dinosaur reptiles. This time they encounter three t-rex eggs which hatch and think that they are their momma. Things get nasty when the momma t-rex realizes that her eggs have hatched and are missing.
Duration : 1 hr 34 mins
Size : 142 mb
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Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-1.avi (44636 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-2.avi (20092 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-3.avi (16814 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-4.avi (15014 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs.jpg (12432 Hits)
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Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-1.3gp (26640 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-2.3gp (14477 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-3.3gp (13212 Hits) Ice--Age--3--Dawn--Of--The--Dinosaurs-4.3gp (13837 Hits)
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